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Flexcrete Product Description

FlexCrete is a two-part system consisting of a unique polymer liquid and a composite compound of dry materials that when mixed properly creates FlexCrete a specialized micro-topping material that is highly adhesive, waterproof and flexible.

FlexCrete Polymer was invented by us in 2010 and we are proud to be the first cementitious waterproofing product on the market. Since then, we have made continuous improvements to our formula and manufacturing processes which are unique and trade secret. Our polymer undergoes a rigorous quality control process which qualifies it as an approved product for use in the Hurricane area of Miami-Dade County under NOA # 17-1206.1 Exp. 05/17/23. Used and trusted by experts worldwide, FlexCrete Polymer is simply the best cementitious water-proofing overlay available and comes as part of 10lb and 25lb do it your self kits, 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails.

FlexCrete Compound is a highly specialized blend of aggregates, cements, graded sands and proprietory additives that enhance the qualities of FlexCreter polymer. It is available as part of 10lb and 25lb kits as well as 50lb bags for larger areas.

  • Primary Applications
  • Features & Benefits
  • Mixing and Application of FlexCrete
  • Material Temperature Control / Pot Life
  • Technical Bulletins
  • Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Concrete wall and block foundations
  • Manholes and Wastewater Holding Tanks
  • Reservoirs and Potable Water Tanks
  • Balconies
  • Seawalls
  • Interior and Exterior Waterproofing of All Structures
  • Waterproofs and Decorates
  • Tenacious Bonding Capacity
  • Becomes An Integral Part Of The Substrate
  • Durable and Permanent
  • Breathable
  • Extremely Flexible

In all cases the surface shall be clean and free from anything that would inhibit the bonding capacity of the Flexcrete Waterproofing System. Surface must be structurally sound and free of any bond breaking materials. All cracks, spalls, voids shall be repaired prior to application.

Place Flexcrete Polymer in empty five gallon container. Place the appropriate amount of liquid based on application type. Using a dual bladed rotary mixer on a high speed drill start mixing the fluid and slowly add the Flexcrete Compound, mixing continuously until a creamy, smooth, lump free pancake batter consistency is achieved.

Once thoroughly mixed, stop mixing and allow the material to dwell or fatten for a period of five minutes. After five minutes, remix and add additional fluid if necessary to the desired consistency. Apply to a dampened SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) substrate by roller, brush, trowel or spray. It is preferred to apply the material and work sufficiently into the surface filling all pits holes and voids. Allow to dry overnight.

Apply the second coat in the same manner as described above only perpendicular to the first application. Allow to cure overnight before further applications and seven days prior to water testing on swimming pools.

All materials should be kept out of the sun and heat. This excessive heat will accelerate the hydration or setting process. To extend the pot life of the material fill a garbage can or vessel larger than the five gallon bucket diameter with ice and water. Place the mixing fluid in the container prior to using and keep in container while work progresses. This will extend pot life 20-30 minutes. At 70 degrees F. The pot life is approximately 30 minutes.
These are theoretical coverage’s. Field conditions predicate actual consumption rate. A minimum of 1/8” is required to create a waterproof condition.
MethodCoveragePolymer QuantityCompound QuantityApprox. Thickness
Trowel40-50 Sq. Ft.1 Gallon50 Lbs.1/8” (.125)
Spray225 Sq .ft.1.5 Gallon50 Lbs.10-30 Mil.
Spray And Brush200 Sq. Ft1.5 Gallon50 Lbs.1/16”
Brush175 Sq. Ft1.5 Gallon50 Lbs.1/16”
Squeegee200 Sq. Ft.1.5-1.75 Gallon50 Lbs.35-40 Mils


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