About Valcon Industries LLC

Fountain, Swimming Pool & Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Products

Valcon Industries, a leader in the development and production of superior surface treatment products for industrial and professional use started in 2009 with the development of FlexCrete.

FlexCrete was created to fill the need for a high quality cementitious water-proofing product in the pool and commercial concrete industries.

Since 2010 Valcon Industries has been committed to ongoing research and development, making changes to its original formula. The result is a proprietory and secret formula which outperforms the competition. This ongoing research and development is our commitment to our customers. Many have tried to copy it but there is only one FlexCrete! Trusted, Time tested and there for you.

Some of the world’s largest and most respected pool companies use nothing but our products for their bond coating! Our products are used on parking decks, wastewater containers, residential housing, garage floors, anywhere there is concrete. Valcon has millions of square feet of its products on structures all over the world, from the freezing cold of Alaska to the heat of the Carribean.

We at Valcon take our responsibility to support you, our partners, seriously. We are with you every step of the way. Either with our step by step video or personal one on one technical advice over the phone.

At Valcon Industries, our goal is to leave the World in better shape than when we arrived. As proof, we offer you our product line.

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