Etchex – Interactive Surface Cleaning System

For Virtually Any Material

ETCHEX is a a safe sulfuric acid solution called Stabitrol. Stabitrol technologies encompasses a process that allows the Stabitrol to remain safe when in contact with human or animal tissue. It will react as typical sulfuric acid solutions do to calcareous, lime, concrete, cement, grout and other materials without harm to human or animal tissue.

ETCHEX is a 10% solution of Stabitrol in water. It will clean, etch and profile any material that conventional acidic solutions will react with.

Mode of Operation


ETCHEX will remove most metallic stains such as rust depending the stains origin. When used in conjunction with GELTEKK it will open surface pores so that the GELTEKK can deep clean and effervesce the pore compound out of the pore space. This is a 10% solution of sulfuric acid that is safe but still works like acid.
ETCHEX Functions

ETCHEX is designed to be chemically reactive to alkaline materials to chemically react opening the profile of such surfaces. When used with GELTEKK the ETCHEX will effervesce materials out of the pores and neutralize the acidic activity.

ETCHEX has minimum odor and off gassing.
Types Of Surfaces

ETCHEX can be used on various types of surfaces where chemical etching may be needed such as concrete, masonry and stone. When used in conjunction with GELTEKK the acid will effervesce lifting soils from the GELTEKK and neutralizing the acid.


Once rate of dilution is determined and the expect ed results are achieved, apply the material to the surface with brush roller or spray. Spray application with low pressure bug sprayer type applicator, generally provides the most uniform application method.

Note: As with all chemicals, always wear appropriate protection in compliance with general chemical application procedures using OSHA approved type protection. Always read the attached MSDS for all safety precautions and concerns.


1. Allow to work on the surface as needed or desired based on test application.
2. Rinse thoroughly with clean and potable water.
3. Neutralize the acidic activity on the surface applied by applying GELTEKK and work into surface.
4. Rinse completely.
5. Allow to dry completely prior to application of any other material.


Non Flammable, Odor Free, Water Based, Effective with hard water, Will Not Burn Human Or Animal Tis-sue, User Safe, Environmentally Safe


Available in 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes


Do not freeze. Shelf life 3 years.

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