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Concrete/plaster densifier


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Restructor Product Description

Restructor is a liquid that is applied with a pump sprayer which stabilizes, densifies new concrete and restores and prepares old concrete for application of FlexCrete. Although not required, it is recommended to use Restructor to aid in curing and hydration of new concrete, masonry and plaster materials as well as the stabilization & densification of existing concrete.

Restructor is a highly developed nanotechnology product that forms a reaction as a result of alkali and silicate combination within the matrix of the cement based substrate. Density is increased by the filling the micropores and capillaries with water impermeable calcium silicate. Restructor will allow the substrate to release moisture vapor but will resist entry from the surface of the treated material.

  • Advantages of using Restructor
  • Application
  • Coverage
  • Strengthens and densifies cement based materials
  • Improves chemical resistance
  • Stops efflorescence
  • Increases compressive and flexural strengths
  • Increases pH to better than new levels
  • Excellent and affordable coverage rate (150-250 square feet / gallon)
  • Prepares surfaces for the application of FlexCrete
  • Improves coverage rate of overlay
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Odor Free, Water-Based
  • No VOC/VOS, Environmentally Friendly
  • Open container and use directly as provided.
  • Apply by spray application (low pressure) garden type sprayer. Set nozzle at fine mist.
  • Apply to a clean and properly prepared surface.
  • Spray Restructor on to the substrate wetting out the surface without ponding or puddling.
  • All excess material must be removed and cleaned from the surface. If allowed to dry this material can be a bond breaking condition for any additional material to be placed over the treated area. Repeat this process as needed to attain the desired effect. Note: If surface is excessively dry, hot or windy, the surface may have to be dampened with water to avoid flash setting of the material on the surface. Restructor is a penetrant not a surface coating. It reacts and works internally on the substrate as well as the surface.
  • Approximately 150-250 sq. ft. depending on conditional substrate.

Technical Data And Application Guidelines

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