Surface Waterproofing – Cleaning – Stabilization – Restoration

Efflorescence, Waterproofing, Surface Buildup, Surface Preparation
Surface Stabilization and Densification, Surface Restoration and Preservation

Valcon Industries Offers Long Term Solutions for Professional & Industrial Use

Whether your projects include tanks, cisterns, swimming pools, pool decks, spas, water drains, reservoirs, fountains, balconies, seawalls, driveways, walkways, basements, garages, retaining walls, positive/negative water pressure situations, or man holes, Valcon Industries offers superior products to clean, restore, stabilize, preserve, and waterproof surfaces.

For Stucco, Masonry, Concrete, Plaster, Mortars, Overlays, Grouting, Tile


#1 Bestseller: FLEXCRETE Waterproofing System

Environmentally Safe & Effective Waterproofing

Need to waterproof a pool, fountain, pond, waterfall, water tank, cistern, basement, seawall or retaining wall – try our FLEXCRETE Waterproofing System. FLEXCREATE COMPOUND is a highly specialized blend of aggregates, cements, graded sands and proprietary additives. The material is to be used and mixed with FLEXCRETE POLYMER as a waterproofing/overlay/micro-topping material. Click here for more details on FLEXCRETE Waterproofing.


“At National Supply Centre Ltd., it is always our objective to find new and superior product lines to give us that competitive edge. We found this immediately in the Valcon products. The product holds no comparison to others whatsoever. Because of the Flexcrete product, we have landed many large scale projects with total satisfaction from our client base. National Concrete Pumping The products are simple to use, address many issues and contain NO VOC’s. Every day, we get new inquiries and find new applications, leading to “Customer Satisfaction” and more sales. We have sold Valcon products to our contractors for underground mining applications, pools, mall sidewalk repairs, parging, precast repairs, parking deck overlays. The possibilities and applications are endless!! We, at National Supply Centre Ltd. are proud distributors of the Valcon Industries lines. Great job, Valcon and great customer support!!”

Maurice Corriveau,
General Manager,
National Supply Centre Ltd.,
Sudbury, Ontario

Valcon Industries products are used across the United States and Canada as well as in France, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Spain, the Caribbean Islands and Panama.

Superior Products for:

Surface Build-up
Surface Preparation
Surface Stabilization
Surface Restoration
Surface Preservation
Surface Waterproofing