GELTEKK – Surface Cleaning System

GELTEKK is a highly specialized chemical formulation for highly efficient wetting and cleaning of all types of all types of surfaces. Its unique for¬mulation and manufacturing process enable the product to be free from corrosives, phosphates, and others materials associated with gen¬eral heavy duty cleaning products. This formula is processed to allow maximum penetration into a surface with the least amount of dwell time enabling the user to clean faster and more effectively. In addition the formulation provides a superior odor deodorizing capability, yet re¬maining free of virtually all chemicals used in such products. GELTEKK does not and will not foam. Generally it will remove foaming materials on which a residue remains. GELTEKK does not leave a filmy or particu¬late residue when completely rinsed with water.

It can also be used in conjunction with floor grinding equipment to con¬trol dust and removed contaminants from concrete surfaces. It aids in the removal of the coatings and or materials being removed from the floor as well as degreasing and cleaning at the same time. It lubricates the cutters on the grinding equipment extending the cutter life of the cutting tools themselves.

Mode of Operation


In the most basic terms, cleaning is the process of removing soil from the surface to which it clings. This definition requires the following: the nature of the soil to be removed, the substrate or surface to which it clings, the process by which the soil is to be removed, the type of water to be used, and its temperature. The substrate or surface may be fab¬ric, metal, ceramic, glass, masonry, or concrete. The type of soil can be particulate, carbonaceous, or oily.

These functions include: neutralizing acidic soil components, emulsifi¬cation of oils and greases, de flocculating particulate soil, suspending soil and preventing re deposition. GELTEKK contain optimum propor¬tions of alkali and silica for most cleaning requirements. GELTEKK scatters grease and dirt deposits into small, suspended particles which rinse away without re depositing on freshly washed surfaces.

The use of silicates improves soil suspension so that the cleaned mate¬rial does not act as a “filter” when the wash water is drained. The silica content also moderates the alkali’s tendency to corrode sensitive met¬als. Silica contributes substantially to the unique buffering action of the silicates. It enables them to maintain effective pH levels during cleaning operations despite sudden and heavy introduction of acidic soils. GELTEKK last longer in the detergent bath, whereas an un buffered alka¬li quickly loses its strength. This results in a sharp drop-off in pH with the consequent loss in cleaning action. Silicates increase the effective¬ness of surfactants. In addition the GELTEKK formulation has a unique water softening effect on hard water conditions improving wash down.

The extreme absorbency of the micro suspended particulates of the carbonates used in the GELTEKK formulations creates a natural and en¬vironmentally as well as user safe odor absorption product.
Oil Spot Removal

On pavers or concrete surfaces that are porous and have been stained with oil or grease, spots can be generally removed. Apply GELTEKK di¬rectly to the surface and scrub into the stained area and leave over¬night. Rinse clean the next day and repeat if necessary till removed.


1. Shake container vigorously before use.
2. Add 4 ounces to 1 gallon of water or 8 ounces for heavy duty applications.
3. Apply by brush or spray saturating the surface and allowing to dwell 5-10 minutes or as needed.
4. Pressure clean with standard pressure washing equipment. Surface should be clean and odor free. Adjust rate of applica¬tion as needed.
5. Use directly from container for difficult and heavy duty de¬greasing conditions or floor grinding applications.
6. Use directly from container as a poultice for deep stains. Ap¬ply and cover on granite or marble materials overnight. Use on pavers and concrete oil stains as well.
7. Use as necessary to remove oils, grease and dirt from the scum line in swimming pools without affecting the pool water chemistry.

GELTEKK can be used with ETCHEX to deep clean and remove scale and efflorescence. See ETCHEX Technical Bulletin EXTB 4-17-2015.


Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Odor Free, Water Based, Effective with hard water, Non Irritating, Non Staining, Fully Bio De¬gradable, Non Corrosive, User Safe, Environmentally Safe


Available in 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes


Do not freeze. Shelf life 3 years.

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