Surface Waterproofing – Cleaning – Stabilization – Restoration


FLEXCRETE COMPOUND is a highly specialized blend of aggregates, cements, graded sands and proprietary additives. The material is to be used and mixed with FLEXCRETE POLYMER as a waterproofing/overlay/micro-topping material.

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Etchex – Interactive Surface Cleaning System

For Virtually Any Material

ETCHEX is a a safe sulfuric acid solution called Stabitrol. Stabitrol technologies encompasses a process that allows the Stabitrol to remain safe when in contact with human or animal tissue. It will react as typical sulfuric acid solutions do to calcareous, lime, concrete, cement, grout and other materials without harm to human or animal tissue. ETCHEX is a 10% solution of Stabitrol in water. It will clean, etch and profile any material that conventional acidic solutions will react with.

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Reconstructor – Stabalizing, Densifiying, Restoring Surfaces

Restructor is a specifically formulated and precisely manufactured product that stabilizes, densifies and restores concrete, masonry and calcareous based stone materials. Restructor aids in the curing and hydration of new concrete, masonry and plaster materials.

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GELTEKK – Surface Cleaning System

GELTEKK is a highly specialized chemical formulation for highly efficient wetting and cleaning of all types of all types of surfaces. Its unique for¬mulation and manufacturing process enable the product to be free from corrosives, phosphates, and others materials associated with gen¬eral heavy duty cleaning products. This formula is processed to allow maximum penetration into a surface with the least amount of dwell time enabling the user to clean faster and more effectively. In addition the formulation provides a superior odor deodorizing capability, yet re¬maining free of virtually all chemicals used in such products. GELTEKK does not and will not foam. Generally it will remove foaming materials on which a residue remains. GELTEKK does not leave a filmy or particu¬late residue when completely rinsed with water.

It can also be used in conjunction with floor grinding equipment to con¬trol dust and removed contaminants from concrete surfaces. It aids in the removal of the coatings and or materials being removed from the floor as well as degreasing and cleaning at the same time. It lubricates the cutters on the grinding equipment extending the cutter life of the cutting tools themselves.

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Liquaseal – Surface Waterproofing System

Liquaseal waterproofing sealant has been developed to be used on concrete, masonry, stone, wood, stucco, canvas and other porous substrates to prevent water penetration and the damage that it can cause. Liquaseal can be used on horizontal, vertical and wear surfaces.

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