Surface Waterproofing – Cleaning – Stabilization – Restoration

Valcon Industries, a leader in the development and production of superior surface treatment products for industrial and professional use started in 2009 with the development of FlexCrete.

FlexCrete was created to fill the need for a high quality cementitious water-proofing product in the pool and commercial concrete industries.

It all started in the basement of the home of one of the founders… a little bit here, a little bit there and after many, many, many hours of trial and error, Presto… FlexCrete was born!!

Distribution began in a small warehouse in Midland, Ontario, Canada. FlexCrete’s qualities of flexibility, high adhesion, breathability, durability, strength and high water resistance made it an ideal product for decks, walkways, parging applications, garage floors, pools, fountains, balconies and all resurfacing projects. With demand in the pool industry quickly increasing, a second manufacturing location was sourced in Sarasota, Florida.

In 2014, in order to meet the high expectations for service and quality of the founders, a professional President and Director of Operations were added to the Team with combined experience of over 70 years to oversee our growth and offer time tested solutions to cementitious problems, the world over!

We quickly added products designed to address the issues experienced by our customers around the world and systems were developed and continue to be developed as solutions to our cement based environment.

Our Mission Statement says it all:

To instil honesty, integrity and truth to our works and the works of those who represent us with the satisfied consumer as our ultimate product.